FAQs for Libraries

What is Popup Picks?

Popup Picks is a digital collaboration between publishers, distributors, library consortia, reviewers and librarians. We have created a modern, hip, mobile ebook service that leverages the library’s knowledge of their own local communities’ needs and reading habits. It creates a frictionless discovery channel for readers to connect with great books and authors, helping drive engagement and sales of those same authors works.

Is there anything like this in the market today?

The only comparable services would be paid consumer subscription services like Kindle Unlimited and Scribd. But those services are large and not particularly well-curated experiences. By combining a smooth modern technology with the hand-curation and editorial intelligence of librarians and other curation partners, we filter out the noise and present mobile readers with books they will love.

Does it cost money for my library to participate?

Popup Picks costs nothing if your library subscribes to BiblioBoard. You can tie Popup Picks into your current digital strategy and integrate it with your library events and programming to use in the way your library sees fit that is best for your patrons. All of the books are provided by the publishers for unlimited, simultaneous use, so there are no pay-per-use charges or additional copy purchases required.

If your library does not subscribe to BiblioBoard, please contact us for inquiries.

Who is involved?

A primary content partner is Chicago-based Independent Publishers Group (IPG), representing hundreds of the world’s top independent publishers. Popup Picks is delivered to readers on mobile technology built by BiblioBoard and licensed by public libraries around the world. It is promoted to patrons and used by large and small libraries across the US and Canada.

Do patrons need a library card to use Popup Picks?

It depends on where you live. If you live in Illinois, patrons simply read through geolocation. Libraries outside of Illinois will require that patrons use a library card to login.

In either case, there are no checkouts, waitlists or friction for the reader. The goal is to enhance relationships with current patrons and reach new patrons with a modern digital media curation service. Attract new digital patrons, engage them in services and transform them into library supporters.

Can I get involved as a Popup Picks curator?

Yes. If you have a passion for connecting great books with readers and want to work with some of the top brands in the publishing and review world, we want your help. If you are interested in becoming a curator, fill out the application below.

If you are a library interested in working with Popup Picks, please let us know! Use the comments to tell us if you would like to be involved as a promotional partner, curator or if you have ideas on how the program can be better.