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Is an indie digital media service brought to you by your local library. Get unlimited access to curations of the best eBooks and other digital media from around the world and around the corner. Popup Picks is like your librarian best friend just gave you their list of “Must Reads” — and 24/7 mobile access to all of the books on it.

What Unlimited Access Means

Read eBooks without ever checking them out or returning them. There are no wait lists or turnaways.

What is featured in Popup Picks Spring 2017

This month we feature 110 books from leading publishers like Chicago Review Press, Rosarium Publishing and Triumph Books and award-winning writers such as inspiring, healthy living books author Gemini Adams, London-based photojournalist William Parry, graphic artist John Jennings and more. Browse some of our curators’ picks below.

Against the Wall
(Chicago Review Press)

Artists against Police Brutality
(Rosarium Publishing)

O, Democracy!
(Fifth Star Press)

Hey, Liberal!
(Academy Chicago Publishers)

Hello, Do YOU Work Here
(Alterna Comics)

Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago
(Myriad Editions)

Fire Angels
(Academy Chicago Publishers)

Oddball Illinois
(Chicago Review Press)

Malice in Ovenland Issue 1
(Rosarium Comics)

Freedom Song: Young Voices and the Struggle for Civil Rights
(Chicago Review Press)

The Little Black Fish
(Rosarium Comics)

Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids
(Chicago Review Press)

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