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Is an indie digital media service brought to you by your local library. Get unlimited access to curations of the best eBooks and other digital media from around the world and around the corner. Popup Picks is like your librarian best friend just gave you their list of “Must Reads” — and 24/7 mobile access to all of the books on it.

What Unlimited Access Means

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What is featured in Popup Picks Summer 2017

This summer we feature over 100 books from leading publishers like PM Press, Rosarium Publishing and Just World Books, with a special Boston sports collection from Triumph Press highlighting everyone’s favorite New England sports legends like Larry Bird, Tom Brady and David Ortiz. Browse some of our curators’ picks below.

An Afternoon in Summer

Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago
(Myriad Editions)

The Whale Chaser

From Ashes to Light

Kids’ First Cookbook

The Walking Fish

The Copper Tree

Kelvin McCloud and the Seaside Storm

Big Papi: The Legend and Legacy of David Ortiz

Offensive Conduct: My Life on the Line

Boston Marathon: A Celebration of the World’s Premiere Race

Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in New England Patriots History

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